Örth interview

April 25, 2017

After 20 years it is time to release this album so it gets the attention it deserves. ‘Nocturno Inferno’ breathes the black spirit from the early 90’s. It’s hypnotic and powerfull with the typical Norwegian sound. V-Rex explains us more about this release.



BRZ – First of all I want to know what was the real reason not to release the album in 1996?

V-Rex - We did have a record deal but we was offered a lot of other different deals all the way and somewhere better and some not, however we went on a wrong foot with our current label and I personally fucked up a lot due to different personal problems in my life there and then, so I did not really focus on the actual band business, and one thing led to another and everything just went south really. So all of a sudden we had no record deal anymore and I just put it all on ice. After the recordings were done we still rehearsed as a duo with me and Grim before he committed suicide and that was the end of Örth as we know it…


BRZ – Why did you wait more than 20 years to release the album, since the recordings have not changed since then?

V-Rex - I didn’t want to release the album at all, and I have a lot of ambivalent emotions around this album, it is not that I don’t like or anything, it is more that I wanted it to just stay safe in my mind and private collection as a memory to Grim. You know years go by and I have played this album to many friends and they have encouraged me over and over again to release this, and I also played it to my manager who also seriously told me to release it but I still held back until I gave in and thought alright, "let’s do it" and here we are.


BRZ – The recordings were made at the famous Grieghallen studios by Pytten. What did these studios mean in the early 1990s to the black metal scene?

V-Rex - Well it didn’t really mean anything but it had its own vibe and a great environment. We all kinda hung out there, all the bands knew each other’s and we all as well hung out at the Garage club situated nearby. It was sort of like Bergen’s answer to  the Morrisound Studios in Tampa I guess.


BRZ – The information in Plastic Head site, tells that after the tragic death of Grim (drums), you rename the band as Arvas but this is not true, isn’t it? Grim was playing the drums in Arvas till his death.

V-Rex - He did play drums for Örth and after he died I quit the whole project and didn’t actually play or anything until many years later and I then renamed the project Arvas.


BRZ – I’ve listen the promo clip of the album and sounds very low in some parts. This is due to what?

V-Rex - I don’t know, it is pretty weird to listen to this album now, I haven’t really been listening to it myself since we recorded it…


BRZ – Some reviews say that this album was more like a full length demo and others say that this is a historical document. What you think about this?

V-Rex - They can say what they want and it is all just a matter of taste and opinions.. you know, if this album was released back then as originally intended, things would have been VERY VERY different I can tell you…By that I mean that reviewers in general will never actually ‘get’ this album at all simply because they don’t have nothing to compare it to…However, those who DO get it and understand what this is about will cherish this forever...


BRZ – The song “Hymn des Mortes” has three parts. What the meaning of this?

V-Rex - They are interludes included to get some atmosphere in all the chaos, but I didn’t quite get it as I intended but they work ok for this album and the setting.


BRZ – “Den gamle manns profetier” song, is about an old man’s prophecy. What man is and what prophecy did he tells us?

V-Rex - It tells a story of an old fictious man who has all and everything and is quite related to a personification of Satan, a figure with all powers and knowledge, an immortal character filled with loneliness, hopes and dreams, love and compassion but he is also entangled in a limbo filled with darkness and rage, he cannot let himself out of this and he speaks of this to all his fellow men and and creatures surrounding him. He dies alone and when he dies he finds peace and a final absolution… He is also an older version of me…



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