Dødsritual interview

March 27, 2017

In 1993 Undertrykker and Nevresch founded Ravner (Ravens). We changed the name to HAT (hatered) in 2006 after a ten year hiatus. Releasing old school Black Metal with the same feel to it as in the early days was our master plan. To free ourselves from restriction, and open up for the diversity in the damaged human mind, we are now: DØDSRITUAL (Death ritual).



BRS – The band started with the name Ravner, in 1993, then changed to Hat in 2006 after some year’s on-hold and in 2016 changed again to Dødsritual. This will be the definitive name?

Nevresch - Hehe, change and development is an important part of my life, I think some of the philosophy has been incorporated into the band. The band names are all part of certain periods of our lifes, and the name seems to change during major events. I think Dødsritual is a better name than the previous ones, cause the name has no restrictions. Every part of our music is a Death ritual, and every part of life is a preparation for dying. I can´t say we will be called this forever, but it feels like it.


BRS – The sound of the band change a little bit between this new band and Hat, but what is the major differences between the new album and the Hat’s “Vortex of death”?

Nevresch - We are always working intensely on our releases to make it sound just the way we feel – it´s a documentation of emotion. “Under Sort Sol” would have sounded the same as it does, under any moniker. Changes were bound to happen. We need to be creatively free when we write music, but it has to be a reason for every oddity in our compositions. I think this is the major difference between the two albums. Under Sort Sol, sound lawless. “Vortex of Death”, sound occult.


BRS – The look of the band changed too and now you don’t use the corpse paint. Why this change?

Nevresch - We decided to throw away the paint after our first full length, “The Demise of Mankind”. There was not much thought about that. Paint is most effective in live performances anyway.


BRS – The name of the album “Under Sort Sol” – Under the Black Sun (in English), has some sort of mystical meaning?

Nevresch - The Black Sun is an ancient symbol that has been discussed to death. It appears as a sun wheel, a swastika or a sauvastika. It is a pro-cosmic symbol when it is a swastika and an anti-cosmic symbol as a sauvastika. For us, the black Sun, is an anti-cosmic sauvastika. Back to the state of primordial chaos.


BRS – You’ve decided to release this album only in digital format. Haven’t you received any offer from any label or are you contacting the labels now, to a physical release?

Nevresch - The plan was to release the album on Vinyl, but our previous label met economic challenges. We have been contacted by a New German label, so I think the album will be out at least on CD within a couple of months – if we come to an agreement. Hopefully a label will release it on vinyl one day. We are also working on a 7” split. Dutch label Lafawijn Records will release this one. It will be something for collectors to look out for.


BRS – Dodsritual is a studio band, are you planning to play some gigs? If so, you will need more members to play live.

Nevresch - We have been discussing this a bit lately. We are ambivalent to the concert format. There are so many people that just suck the energy out of the performance, and you can´t have a ritualistic event when that happens. And to be honest there are not many real Black Metal bands that can pull it off. But I´m not sure. Maybe one day we will have a gig. There are a couple of guys that has offered their hand if we are to perform.


BRS – It’s natural that you do not live from the music. What do you do for living?

Nevresch - I run a Graphic Design Studio in Oslo.


BRS – What is the best places to go out in Oslo and listen to some music?

Nevresch - The Opera is quite good and when you are tired of fine culture you can go to Kniven Bar.


BRS – Darkthrone was your biggest influence to start to play music. What do you think about their new album “Artic Thunder” and music that they are playing nowadays?

Nevresch - Darkthrone was definitely one of our major influences. I think “Arctic thunder” sound pretty much as expected. I´m not a great Darkthrone fan anymore, but I understand why they needed a change. I guess it is important for them to do music that they want to listen to themselves. As I mentioned earlier, you have to create the melody of your emotions.



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