Sarke interview

February 1, 2016


Sarke’s fourth album, "Bogefod" featuring the icy and grim screams from Darkthrone’s lead vocalist Nocturno Culto, is truly the grandest and most dynamic album from Sarke to this date. I asked some questions to "Sarke" that could be seen here.


BRS – Hello Sarke and thank you for answer my questions. Sarke is your project but it seems like a Norwegian black metal super band if these words exist. How do you see this project and what you had thought when started this project. Did you thought about this band be a side project?

Sarke - Sarke started out as a solo release. I wanted to release an album where I made music inspired by bands I have listen to since early age. It did well and the record company wanted me to release more. I did not feel like doing another solo album, so I formed a band. From the second album, it has not been a project, but a band.


BRS – This is a conceptual album about Torolv Bogefod, an evil walking dead but why you made a full-length about this story. It’s a kind of original soundtrack of the “Saga” movie?

Sarke - All the lyrics/story on the album is the same story that is in the viking part of the movie. A lot of the music can be heard in this movie.


BRS – The songs of the album talk about the all story with the beginning in the first track and the end in the ninth song or are they just a part of it?

Sarke - It’s the whole story that is in the viking part of the movie. The movie contains a lot more than just the viking part. And this is also just a little part of the book. The book is of course much longer.


BRS – The first single “Sunken” that is the last track of the album is very raw and have the Nocturno Culto sings very close of what he did on the lasts Darkthrone albums. Was that conscious or was just a coincidence?

Sarke - I did not think of that at all. With Sarke we always do our thing and whats best for this album. I like everything to be clear in the sound. Its important that the vocal comes through in the mix.


BRS – You play in the bands Khold and Tulus, too. Are you going to resurrect Tulus again or the band is on hold?

Sarke - Tulus is going to play live in the US in May. We have also done some new stuff, so we just have to see what will happen. But is not on hold.


BRS – Since Sarke is a live band and gave in the past some great shows, it will be the same this time and with all the band?

Sarke - Yes, we will play if something good comes up. The album will be out soon, then we will see what and when things will happen.


BRS – The “Saga” movie is, as I could remember, the first movie made with a Norwegian black metal band, soundtrack. What you want to achieve with this project. Are you thinking that other bands are going to do something like this?

Sarke - I don’t think its so easy to follow up on this. Its not every day people make a full lenght movie like this. We have made a, lets call it a normal CD. I did not make it like soundtrack music. We made 9 Sarke songs and the movie producer used the music as he pleased. He have also used some of the older Sarke songs. We have worked close with the movie since the beginning.


BRS – As I could see, the Norwegian black metal bands are very close to each other with many bands in common. Is this because the scene are almost based in Oslo or it’s another case?

Sarke - People in the metal scene  lives all over the place in Norway. Its not like everybody lives in Oslo. I guess we known each other because we are very active. Recording albums, playing live, at the scene, as been going on for almost 30 years now. So I will say the liveplaying, the Norwegian success and the long period of time.


BRS – Tell me a little about your start, in music. When you start to have music interests, what you heard in the beginning, when you start to play an instrument?

Sarke - It started with Kiss in the early 80s... but we getting into music playing, was in 1987. Started to listen to Mayhem, Darkthrone, Motorhead, Slayer, Celtic Frost. I started playing both drums and guitar. Drums was the main instrument.


BRS – Would be interesting if Sarke's play live in the world premiere of the movie. What you think about that?

Sarke - It's possible yes. We have talked about it, so maybe it will happene.


BRS – Thanks a lot for your words and I give you the last words for the Black Reich Shop site.

Sarke - Thanks for the interview and I hope people out there will take the time to check out the album on march 11.

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