Nordjevel interview

January 9, 2016


BRS – Hello and thank you for give me this interview. For start I want to know why another black metal band from members of bands like: Marduk, Svartelder, Doedsvangr, Tvangeste, Rage Nucléaire and The Ugly? You thought that something is missing from those bands that needs another entity to show the listeners, your ideas?

Nord: All these bands are great in their own ways, nothing is missing with any of them. We simply felt the urge to create something brand new, based on a strong collective vision and a desire to express certain ideas. Compare it to having a second child. It doesn't mean you hate your first child, right?


BRS – You’ve started this band this year (2015) and you will release your first full-length on January 2016. For what I’ve already listen, the sound is cold like in the old days but with an epic vision. Normally for a work with this quality you need more time to prepare and recording it but this was not your case.

Nord: We have been asked this before, how it is possible to form a band and release an album within 8 months.
For us the whole process came naturally. It was something that needed to come out, so the writing and recording process went completely natural and smooth. I felt like the album was writing itself, and we were just vehicles for it to come forth.


BRS – The lyrics of the tracks are in Norwegian and English? What the meaning of them, to you and what do they talk about?

Doedsadmiral: Yes, they are both in english and norwegian. They deal with alot of things. Darkness, nature, Norway, self destruction, anti religion. Some of them are personal indeed and portray inner demons.


BRS – With so much different bands of all members and now with Dezepticunt (ex-Ragnarok) too, how do you manage to rehearse? You’re planning to play live too but it will be very difficult to plan a tour because of the bands where all members play, don’t you think?

Nord: The only challenge is of course our drummer, which also is a member of Marduk. They tour pretty hard, so we're working on getting a session drummer for the shows that collide with the Marduk tour schedule. The other bands aren't as active live, so we don't have any problems rehearsing and getting this circus on the road.


BRS – What your opinion about the case of the day. The release of the Emperor’s – “The Complete Works”, produced by Blood Music and cost more than 700 euros. It’s the new face of the Norwegian black metal or is just a glimpse of mainstream to catch some money from the more fortunate collectors? Is this necessary to the scene when we already saw the re-re-releases of everything from the band?

Nord: The way I see it it's all about supply and demand. This is obviously something people are interested in, so it's a good thing the bands are putting it out there. Musicians need to make a living as well, and I wouldn't blame anyone for re-releasing old material or making collections for their fans. If the fans don't want it, they won't buy it.


BRS – Talking about the duality between the old days and the nowadays, what’s the major differences between the scene of 90’s and the scene today. You liked if it was always in the deepest underground where just a few people knows what’s going on?

Doedsadmiral: In the old days it was more brutal and dark definately. It was an aura around the music, that was more of way of life. Music wise I would say it's the same. It's the same type and style of music, but people don't live the same way as then, at least most. I don't mind it not being total underground. Only minus nowadays is that there are to many bands everywhere.


BRS – Nowadays it seems that every people think that was a stupidity what happens with the churches and that the scene didn’t needed that bad publicity, but has anyone talk about the ideas of the so called arsons? It wasn’t the same thing, when the Christians build the churches upon the sacred Vikings sites?

Nord: It seems like most people only scratch the surface with the motives behind the church burnings. There were a lot of arsonists in the 90's, and I guess most of them had their own ideas behind doing what they did.
For me it was a statement against the white-washing of our cultural heritage and our history.
The norwegian school system has indoctrinated children into believing that our cultural values begin and end with christianity, and people were sick of that.


BRS – In your webpage is write that it will be a vinyl version of the “Nordjevel” album that will be a re-mastered edition of the regular CD edition. You are a collector and want to give an extra gift to all the vinyl collectors or is just an idea of Osmose Productions?

Nord: The vinyl editions has a different master due to the format. We wanted it to have a sound that would fit the vinyl format perfectly.
It's not so much about creating a collectors item, as it is just releasing our music in the best way possible for each format. The idea of a white edition vinyl came from the label, and that one can be considered more of a collectors item.


BRS – The album will have a cover of “Raining Blood” of Slayer. Slayer was and still is a great inspiration to many bands but what are your inspirations when composing for the band? It’s important to have a cover track on the album itself, like a tribute?

Nord: My inspirations come from many different directions, and certainly from the other musicians in Nordjevel.
My musical inspirations are pretty much an integrated part of me by now, so for Nordjevel I consider my vision and my inner spiritual life to be the greatest source for creating.


BRS – If you want to explain to someone that not knows Norwegian black metal, what do you say or what album you give him to listen?

Nord: It's a very difficult thing to explain to someone that doesn't have the emotional connection. I think black metal loses its magic if you are told what albums and artists you should listen to. For me it has been a very personal journey, and what makes a classic album is in the eye of the beholder. The ones who are able to unlock the secrets will be drawn to the true masterpieces of this genre on their own.

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