Kvalvaag interview

July 5, 2016


“Malum” is Kvalvaag’s latest journey through the symphonic black metal cosmos. It contains Kvalvaag’s trademark riffing and old school synth wrapped up in an ice cold sound.


BRS– The first question that I want to ask you is the meaning of the band’s name, Kvalvaag?

Øyvind Kvalvaag - Kvalvaag is a part of my last name, named after the place where my family originated. I choose the name because it`s simple and have a lot of meaning for me personally.


BRS – After the well-received first full-length “Noema” (2014) you've released the second full-length this year. Are you satisfied with the result of this second album?

Øyvind Kvalvaag - It's really hard to get satisfied when you choose to play almost all the instruments yourself, but I guess I am happy with the result despite some small volume adjustments etc.


BRS – You are active in four black metal bands. Do you have the need to play in different bands in the same genre?

Øyvind Kvalvaag - None of the bands are active at the same time, so it has been easy to coordinate. As I enjoy this kind of music I could not be happier with the situation.

Astaroth is the only active band I play in at the moment, had to quit Arvas because of their upcoming touring and travel distance.

Valgaldr have recorded half of the next album, but had a setback because Jon got ill. We are pretty much back on track again.


BRS – In this full-length you had the precious collaboration of Carl Telal on drums. Is it just a collaboration or he is part of the band?

Øyvind Kvalvaag - Telal is now a permanent member, we have played together on a weekly basis for five years. We share the same musical view and get along well, he has contributed a lot on the last album and he is a dedicated and skilled musician. Since Telal liked the first album he asked if he could join.


BRS – The cover was designed by Khaos Diktator, who designed the Svartelder’s new album. I want to know the meaning of the cover and why choosing this artist?

Øyvind Kvalvaag - I choose KD after I saw the latest album cover for Nordjevel, the coverart for Kvalvaag is based on the lyrical themes from “Malum”, mainly focusing on the dark part of Norwegian superstition and folklore.


BRS – The sound of this album is more symphonic than everything you’ve done before. It was thought or came naturally?

Øyvind Kvalvaag - I finally felt that I was able to write the music I wanted for many years, it has been a long journey to get the right equipment and knowledge about how to use it in order to achieve the expression I have been searching for.


BRS – You’ve released this album by the Italian label, Dusktone. Why did you choose this label instead of choosing a Norwegian label?

Øyvind Kvalvaag - I choose Dusktone for many different reasons. First of all, symphonic black metal is a lot more popular in Italy, the deal also had a lot of benefits compared to the other offers I got. I am really satisfied with their work. Because they work hard on the promotion I get to focus on the music instead of all the extra work that comes along with releasing music.


BRS – This full-length was released in two versions. One in digipack and other in A5 digi CD, limited to 100. It was idea of the label or it was the band’s idea?

Øyvind Kvalvaag  - Dusktones idea, we will also release a vinyl version of the album later this year.


BRS – Are you preparing some live shows, to show the new album to the fans or is Kvalvaag, a studio band?

Øyvind Kvalvaag - Kvalvaag is a studio band, I want to keep it this way since I like to focus on the material instead of all the work that comes with gigs and a full line-up.


BRS - Which bands of the current Norwegian scene you advise listening?

Øyvind Kvalvaag - I have to mention Kvesta and Disintegration. My favorite Norwegian band for the last five years have been Tusmørke, I think they have the best lyrics ever written on their latest release. Other than that I listen a lot to Urarv, DHG and Mysticum at the moment.




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