Svartelder interview

June 16, 2016

Originally formed several years ago by frontman Doedsadmiral (NORDJEVEL, DOEDSVANGR), Norwegian Black Metallers SVARTELDER have hit the ground running after a lengthy hiatus. With a freshly inked two-album deal with the Italian Dusktone label, and with a new lineup that includes members of CARPATHIAN FOREST and OLD FOREST, SVARTELDER are gearing up to bring their particular take on Norwegian Black Metal to a wider audience. They're new full-lenght is out now and I asked some questions to Doedsadmiral.


BRS – Hello Doedsadmiral and thanks to answer some questions. 2016 will be a hell of a year for you. Debut album of Nordjevel, debut album of Svartelder and probably the debut album of your new band, Doedsvangr. Spare-time to breathe?

Doedsadmiral - Hello, and thanks for the time. Well, yes it's busy year, but mostly very satisfying. The albums of Nordjevel and Svartelder where already finished last year, and we're as we speak, working on the Doedsvangr album. But, I'm the type of person that cannot sit still, so I like it like this.


BRS – The new Svartelder album is called “Pyres”. What the meaning of the title?

Doedsadmiral - Pyres is a title that me and Maletoth decided upon. We wanted a short, but effective title. As the feeling of the album is very dark and depraved, Pyres reflects the feeling of the whole album.


BRS – The album starts with “Guds Helvete” (Hell God) and finish with “Devil of the flesh”. It’s a concept album devoted to him?

Doedsadmiral - No, it's not a particular concept. This album is actually the most personal album for me, lyrically. The titles reflects very personal feelings in my daily life. They are also the most complex lyrics that I have written. Twisted and deranged. Guds Helvete is hatred towards all gods and followers of religion. It's directly written in the way, that I want all those gods to suffer intensely. Devil Of The Flesh, is my personal journey with the devil inside me on my path in life. Stygian Macrocosmos Part.I and II, is completely different. It's hateful, but at the same time very sad and melancholic. So it's different moods through the whole album.


BRS – The album was recorded at Woodscave Studio. Could you tell me a little more about this studio that I don’t know? The history and the quality of the sound and why record there.

Doedsadmiral - Well, Woodscave Studios is the studio of AK-47. He gathered the music there, was put together for demos. We are all very experienced musicians in this band, so we wanted to record everything ourselves, and then send it off to mix/master to Patric at WSL Studios, and this worked out better then we hoped. I'm really happy with the sound of the album, and it's actually nothing I would have changed on it. So we will do it the same way for the next album.


BRS – The band is something like a Norwegian black metal super band formed with members from bands like Carpathian Forest, In the Woods…, Old Forest and more. How did you meet each other and how did you decide to form this band?

Doedsadmiral - I actually formed Svartelder in 2005, with some people from my town. But they were not as talented or serious back then, so my motivation went a bit away. We actually recorded I think, 2 tracks, but I can honestly say they fucking suck. So they are removed from this earth. A few year after I got Maletoth on to my idea, and we actually had a full band, but he was also busy then with both Pantheon-I and 1349 at that time, so things went extremely slow. Then I met Kobro, last year..... and we talked about everything. So I mentioned Svartelder for him, and he showed his interest in it, and wanted to join the band, and that also sparked Maletoth and mine motivation. So we started writing, and through the writing process, Kobold came onboard, because we felt the band needed that extra ingredient of keys.


BRS – Some songs of this full-length have slower parts mixed with faster parts. What was the inspiration to do this?

Doedsadmiral - I actually cannot directly tell you. It's AK-47 and Maletoth who has to answer to this, as they are the 2 responsible for those parts. We have a very special unique way of writing music, so everyone hands their personal touch in the final outcome.


BRS – The cover of the album is great and shows a head of a crow, a person without head and the dead driving a boat. What was the artist who designs it and what the meaning of it?

Doedsadmiral - He had the title in his head, and it's a way of a portrait the rivers of Styx, with some deranged extras, the whole cover was designed while he was spinning the album. The cover is done by Khaos Diktator Design. An extremely talented person, and we also share the same view upon artwork, that it is important to portray the music and feelings. I think the front cover is one of the best front covers in a long time. It's sick and twisted, at the same time beautiful....a difficult combination to achieve.


BRS – The album was released in digipack edition, A5 digi CD, digital and vinyl. What is your favourite format and what are the major difference between the digipack edition and the A5 digi CD, besides the size?

Doedsadmiral - My favourite format is definately vinyl, without a doubt... always been always will. I think it is actually most the size that matters there on the different versions.


BRS – What are the meaning of True Norwegian black metal, nowadays?

Doedsadmiral - TNBM, is a concept for those true to norwegian black metal. It was a concept made by Nattefrost and the Carpathian Forest guys. It was at the time, how do you say.... quality stamp. When you saw the logo, you knew it was quality norwegian BM, approved by the higher powers...he he. Nowadays it's also being a bit missused. For me personally TNBM, are still the bands that are true to themselves as persons, and to the history of our music.

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