Vredehammer interview

April 11, 2016


Vredehammer was originally conceived as Per Valla studio solo project, formed after his departure of Elite and Allfader. He later teamed up with other musicians and Vredehammer became a full functioning band in early 2013 with the release of the Mintaka EP and the band's first concert, which was held in Trondheim in February.


BRS – The first think I want to know is why choose the title of the album, “Violator”?

Per Valla - When the titletrack was written, I had recently seen the movie “Spawn”. One of the main characters is a clown that turns into a scorpion and he is called “Violator”. The song is based on this creature. The movie was cool when it came out many years ago, but I found it really sucks today! Haha.


BRS – What represents the image of the cover and what’s the meaning of five points in the middle of the cover? Who was the designer of it?

Per Valla - The cover was designed by Remi Julieboe and our label. The five points represent my stage image where I have five points on my forehead.


BRS – “Violator” is a concept album or it’s just a collection of songs with pretty insane titles? What the history behind the first track “Light the fucking Sky”?

Per Valla - Hehe. It's not a concept album at all. The first track is about a soldier who is surrounded by his enemies and decides to kill himself. He puts a gun to his chin and when he shoots himself, he looks up and sees “the light”. Hence the title “Light the fucking sky”.


BRS – This album is the second one since the birth of the band, seven years ago. It was thought or band does things calmly?

Per Valla - We are a pretty hard working band. Since the start of the band we released 3 EP`s and two full length albums. The reason for releasing EP's in the beginning was to save money on recordings while trying to get attention from bigger labels. It worked!


BRS – Since the band was formed in 2009 and the members are on their 30’s, what were your first contact with Norwegian black metal?

Per Valla - For me it started with Covenant and Dimmu Borgir. I was never into the “true” stuff, it just doesn't float my boat. I was never a real black metal guy; more an extreme metal guy. If you went through my CD collection, I'm pretty sure you would find more death metal CD's than black metal. And probably even more progressive metal albums.


BRS - What are today, the bands that stand out in Norwegian black metal? You have friends from other bands?

Per Valla - I think my favourite Norwegian black metal band would be Kampfar. I have toured with them back in the day with my former band called “Elite”, and the Kampfar guys are really nice guys. I am also a big fan of Keep of Kalessin which we were lucky enough to get to tour with in november, last year. Vreid were also on this tour and they are too, really good people.


BRS – What the song “Deadfall” talks about? Only for the title, it seems that is a homage to someone that already died.

Per Valla - This song is purely based on parts of the story from “Pet Semetary”. If you have seen the movie or read the book, you might remember that there was some kind of borderline between the pet cemetary and the indian burial ground. This border consisted of dead trees, bushes, branches, etc. –And this is called “deadfall”.


BRS – I presume that as soon as the album will be released, Vredehammer start a tour to promote it. Do you have any plans to come to Portugal?

Per Valla - The sad truth of the matter is that all the touring activity we have done earlier has had a quite negative effect on the band economy and we are now in a situation where we have to take a step back and rebuild our financial situation. Because of this we will have to wait until fall before we can do a tour. Hopefully Portugal will be on the touring schedule.


BRS – Last year you join the bands, Vreid and Keep of Kalessin for some gigs. How was the experience and what can you tell me about the positive and negative points in those gigs?

Per Valla - As I mentioned the guys from the bands are really cool people and we got along really well. This, and meeting old friends on the road was the positive side of the tour. The negative side was that the tour had some shows where we played for like 20 people. This was because of really bad promotional work from some of the partners of the touring agency.


BRS – Since you will release the second album, two years after the first one, can I assume that the next album will be released in 2018?

Per Valla - That is definitely our goal!


Per Valla.



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