Likvann interview

December 15, 2015


I've talked with Skabb about his band, Likvann and about somethings surronding the new release "Gammel Jord".


BRS: Hello Skabb. First of all I want to know what Likvann, means?

Skabb: Heil og sæl!

Likvann is a Norwegian word put together by two words; Lik= Corpse & Vann=Water.


BRS: Could you tell us a little about the history, ideology and what were the bands that inspired you to start this band?

Skabb: I’ve started making songs for Likvann in 2010. It wasn't the inspiration of any band that made me start, but watching newspapers, television, everyday life, and the entire picture of the world, that made me want to write and make music. Of course my music is inspired by other musicians and such, but the main reason was what I saw happening to the world.

The ideology of Likvann is that the strongest will survive. That's not just the law of Likvann, but the law of nature. You see it wherever you go. The strongest animal is the one that lives through the fight, and the strongest nation is the one that carries on, after the war. Some people will find that "ignorant, hateful and unfair", but it's the natural way. No matter how you twist and turn it, it will always be the truth.


BRS: You’ve released your first demo “Nordisk blod og ætt” in 2010, by yourself. The release was on 29 handnumbered tapes. Why this peculiar number and what the meaning of the title?

Skabb: The number was actually because I only had 29 cassettes, hehe, simple as that.

The title means "Northern Blood and Ancestry". The meaning of the title for me, is that I'll always be of Norwegian heritage. No one will ever be able to make me anything else, and I'm proud of that fact.


BRS: Almost all of your releases were released on tape. Tell me why do you decided to do that and what do you think about the new breath of this format?

Skabb: The reason it was released on tape, it’s because is the most honest and real way of making a release. When I see albums that are only getting released on mp3 online, I fucking laugh. For me a "release" is a physical thing, and what's more physical than a tape?


BRS: You play all instruments in your band. How difficult is it and in what age do children start to learn music in Norway?

Skabb: If you want to do it, it's not really hard. We always had at least a little music in school and we had more specific musical lessons in ninth and tenth grade. The base I got was from both my parents playing and enjoying music. I was raised with it, and I guess that made it more easy to learn it, then.


BRS: Nowadays, is difficult if not impossible to live from the music. You have any help from the state as an artist?

Skabb: I don't, but I know it's possible to get some expenses covered. And indeed, music is not giving me a lot of money, but on the other hand, if it was money I thought of, I wouldn't been making black metal.


BRS: What was the last album that you bought and why?

Skabb: Last album I bought was Bilskirnir – "In Flames of Purification". The reason was because I really enjoy Bilskirnir’s music. It has such a depth and truly devoted atmosphere.


BRS: As Norway has an important story in black metal, how do you see the scene nowadays?

Skabb: The scene is obviously not like it was before, but it's still alive. Some more devoted than others.


BRS: In a conversation with a friend of mine, we talked about the churches burnings, in the 90s. What do you think about that?

Skabb: I see, and agree on the symbolic value in those actions. But I believe the acts and consequences were too big, in comparison to the gain they’ve made. All the money needed to rebuild and remake the destruction made, were taken from taxpayers. So in the end, I've got more cons than pros about it.


BRS: The artwork of the new mini-album “Gammel Jord” cover, is very interesting. Is it from some Norwegian artist? How do you choose it?

Skabb: It was made by a woman named Mari Martinsen. She's from a town nearby where I'm from and she makes great art. She made this painting for this release, so it's one of a kind. I've got the original painting on my wall, here.

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